The Golden Ticket with Solar Edge

Forty-five years have passed since Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, based on the famous book by Roald Dahl, made its cinema debut and many watchers dreamt about finding a golden ticket themselves. Now, the dream is reality with SolarEdge celebrating the shipment of our 10,000,000th power optimizer. 10 power optimizers each worth a $10,000 cash prize have been placed in our production lines and sent around the world for a lucky installer to discover. Luck found its way to Lander, Wyoming where Amicus Solar Cooperative member Creative Energies found a winning SolarEdge power optimizer.

“We felt like Charlie Bucket after he found the golden ticket in his one Wonka Bar. We recognize we are a small operation compared to some of the national-scale solar installers and as such, the odds were heavily against us,” said Scott Kane, Co-Owner at Creative Energies.



It was business as usual at the Wyoming office when the SolarEdge shipment was delivered for an upcoming 16kW residential ranch installation. The ranch owner had been talking with Creative Energies for the past decade about installing solar on their property to offset 100% of its energy usage. The relationship actually goes back a dozen years when Creative Energies installed a solar water pump on the ranch.

“Our staffer, Eric, was putting away the upcoming ranch installation shipment and noticed a shiny red ribbon that must have fallen into the power optimizer box and he believed it was just some junk.”

After a little bit of research about the contest, the Creative Energies team determined that the winning power optimizer was real and in their hands. Emotions evolved from confusion to skepticism to delight. Since initially deploying SolarEdge in December 2014, Creative Energies has installed 5,750 power optimizers, but none quite as valuable as the one with a shiny red ribbon.

“By mid-2015 we were using SolarEdge for most of our projects. It is a priority for us to reduce the time, and therefore cost, of acquiring each new customer. SolarEdge provides such a broad design tolerance that we can bypass some of the custom design work for customers prior to contracting. We know that for any number of modules above seven or so, and for any multi-array configuration we will be able to find a SolarEdge design solution. That is just not the case with standard string inverters. This speeds up our sales process and we pass that savings along to the customer.”

Creative Energies will donate half of the prize to non-profits performing solar advocacy in their area. In particular, Utah Clean Energy and the Wyoming Outdoor Council have been identified by Creative Energies as doing great work to guarantee customer’s access to fair net metering rates and Creative Energies will be pleased to support their continuing work.

“We plan to pay it forward by donating half of the prize to local advocacy groups advancing the NEM debate. This will help preserve solar rights and help keep solar part of our future”.


My name is Dean I have two optimizers that change color to gold under my ground mount I work for 4th day energy Have you heard of such a thing they are both side-by-side next to black optimizers in a row of 8


    We have! Sometimes they just fade… in our experience they are still working even if the color fades to a gold.


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