Mac’s Cabin

Creative Energies Solar Cabin
Mac’s Cabin

A lot has changed since we started business 16 years ago. From low effiency, expensive modules to high effiency modules at a fraction of the price. The solar industry has grown tremendously.

Mac off-grid solar cabin is one of the earliest of the Creative Energies installs. On the outskirts of Wyoming, this little cabin produces about enough power to light the structure and to run a small refrigerator. What more do you need when you’re looking to get away.

Its inspiring for us to be a pivotal part of the changing energy future. Photovoltaic solar technology is more than 160 years old but until recently hasn’t become a commonplace means of energy production. With the recent demand for clean, renewable energy, solar has taken off. The increased demand has lowered prices and pushed manufactures to create more efficient and durable modules.

Its hard to imagine how far the industry will go in the next 15 years. We’ll be here to find out and so will Mac’s cabin. Its still standing strong and producing energy.


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