Creative Energies has broad experience in a remarkable variety of solar projects. From solar farms and supermarkets to remote ranches and Antarctic outposts. Our experience gives us the ability to design, build and repair projects that puzzle others. When your energy system is on the line, our certified designers, electricians and installers are the team to trust.

Maintenance, Repair and Service

Here at Creative Energies, we stand behind our work. We are one of the longest standing solar installers because our solar systems are built to last. Whether or not your renewable energy system was installed by Creative Energies, we can maintain and repair your system. We offer yearly service contracts, evaluate existing systems, and repair damaged installations.

Off Grid Solar Power

If you are beyond the reach of the grid, fear not. Creative Energies has designed and installed remote power systems for everything from remote homes and cabins, wildlife controls, oil and gas field communications, to Himalayan and Antarctic power supplies. We focus first on carefully defining the need, then on designing and building a system carefully tailored to the application. Whether our technicians can walk up to the front door or need to get there by snowmobile, our team can provide you a reliable, low-maintenance power supply.


Wind Power

Do you need renewable energy in a windy area? A wind turbine is a great option to use your naturally available resources. Whether for off-grid applications or for grid-connected energy generation, our wind power services provide commercial and residential wind power system installation and maintenance. Call our sales team to learn more about wind energy and to start your free estimate.

Hydro Power

Under the right conditions, small-scale hydro power may have excellent financial and practical benefits. If your property has a waterway with ample vertical elevation change, you may have a good opportunity. Give us a call to start your free hydro power estimate.

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