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20 Years of Solar Experience

Creative Energies' purpose is to lead communities into a clean energy future.

Creative Energies brings 20 years of experience to solar installations for homeowners, businesses, and organizations. Founded on a belief in a future powered by renewable energy, we are committed to solar for good. We are a Certified Benefit Corporation that cares deeply about the environment, our community, and our customers. We operate out of net-zero energy offices and for every solar array we install, we donate to solar energy grants. We strive to be a model of progressive business practices and a voice in local and regional renewable energy policy and education.

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Solar for Good

We're not your average solar company. We're in business for the right reasons. We're B Corp certified and operate out of net-zero energy offices. For every solar array we install, our Give Back program donates to the Honnold Foundation's solar energy grants.

Learn more about who we are as a company and our belief in #SolarForGood.

Certified B Corporation

Creative Energies is a Certified Benefit Corporation and part of a community dedicated to business for good. B Corp companies focus on using the power of business as a force for environmental, social, and economic good. Essentially, it means we care about a lot more than just profit.



New to solar? No problem! Our residential solar experts are here to walk you through each step of the process whether you are in Utah, Wyoming, or Idaho. Every home is unique and each homeowner has their own energy and financial goals. We’re here to find the system that’s right for you.

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We consistently offer commercial customers in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho the best solar investment in the industry. Installing solar on your facility can reduce your electricity costs and add value to your building. We'll work with you to make the most sense and use of tax credits or grants when available.

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Giving Back to the Community

Creative Energies partners with the Honnold Foundation through our Give Back Program. For every photovoltaic system we install, our Give Back program donates to the Honnold Foundation's solar energy grants.


Donations for Solar Energy Grants
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All Creative Energies projects are engineered and designed in-house by our team of designers, solar technicians, and project managers. Our main objective is to develop photovoltaic systems that meet all local and federal safety codes, that are efficient to build, and that will operate reliably with minimal maintenance required.



We stand behind our work. We are one of the longest-standing solar companies in the region because our solar installations are built to last. Whether your renewable energy system was installed by Creative Energies or not, we have the expertise and capacity to maintain, repair or expand it. We offer yearly service contracts, evaluate existing systems, and repair damaged installations.



Creative Energies’ experience gives us the ability to design, build, and service a diverse range of solar projects. Our depth of knowledge spans from solar farms and supermarkets to remote ranches in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and sometimes even Antarctic outposts. In our view, keeping existing solar power systems working well is just as important as building new ones. We maintain a team of electricians and solar technicians trained specifically in system service.

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