Andy Tyson Leadership Award in Sustainability

Andy Tyson Leadership Award in Sustainability

In Memory of Andy Tyson 1968—2015

Andy TysonThe colleagues, friends and family of Andy Tyson are pleased to announce the second annual Andy Tyson Leadership Award in Sustainability and the opening of the Award’s nomination process.

This peer-based award recognizes outstanding individuals from the Teton region for their efforts in local, community-oriented environmental sustainability projects within the Teton’s built environment.

Recipients will be recognized each May at the Jackson Hole EcoFair (, a regional event that Andy helped start in the early 2000’s.

“Advocating for renewable energy and sustainability in our greater region isn’t easy, but that never stopped Andy from rolling up his sleeves and trying incredibly hard, whether working to create Teton Valley’s first net metering program, attending burgeoning sustainability events all over the area or fighting for solar’s place in Idaho’s energy portfolio,” says his wife, Molly Tyson. “Andy was the ultimate diplomat. His easy going, manner, science based approach and total professionalism helped create bridges between diverse sectors in the sustainability world.”

Andy was a leader in ushering thoughtful and sustainable living into everyday life. His expertise was broad and his passion was infectious. He filled many roles including; technical expert, a community organizer, a life-long learner, a passionate volunteer, and a caring friend, partner, and spouse.

Andy SolarA skilled craftsman, businessman and leader, Andy was a steady source of ideas that might help make the world a better place by building a sustainable energy future. As co-founder and owner of Creative Energies (, a values-driven company that grew to be the region’s leading expert on renewable energy, Andy worked to elevate understanding of renewable energy technology with a cross section of the people ranging from curious school groups to the Idaho Governor. Not only an engaging, inspiring teacher and advocate, but also an accomplished climber, Andy completed solar projects in remote places like Antarctica and Mt. Everest Base Camp. But Andy took his dedication to the environment a step further by spending countless hours mentoring others and volunteering for sustainability initiatives like Eco-Fair, Teton Valley Community Recycling, the Charture Institute, Tetons for Tomorrow, and Yellowstone Business Partnership. He was a founding member of 1% for the Tetons, and Teton Valley’s Chance Meetings, and was the Co-chair of the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance’s Solar Energy Task Force.

On April 10, 2015 Andy, along with three other community members, died in a plane crash while flying to a remote job site to plan a solar installation. His wide smile, mischievous laugh, and thoughtful, patient perspective is deeply missed. (obituary:…/article_9e6e1d3f-c605-59c4-… )

It is the hope of Andy’s colleagues, friends and family that this award will honor those who exemplify, in their own manner, Andy’s commitment to furthering sustainability in the Tetons. A humble and ever generous man, Andy relished the success of others. Therefore it is fitting to honor and recognize the contributions of community members in a place Andy cared so deeply about.

Andy BoatLast year’s inaugural ATLAS recipient, Johnny Ziem, was recognized for his ongoing, behind-the-scenes work as the Town of Jackson’s Wastewater Manager. Johnny manages and oversees the sewer division including the Wastewater Treatment Plant and all related conveyance systems. Johnny also assists in managing the Town of Jackson’s G.P.S. energy and waste initiatives.

Ziem was also at the heart of a project that Tyson was deeply involved in before his passing—the first shared solar project in the state which provides virtual metering to Jackson Town and County energy accounts. In addition, Ziem serves several committees within the Town related to sustainability; is an ex officio board member of the Teton County Solid Waste and Recycling Board, serving several committees in that capacity, and has served as an elected official previously for the Town of Victor.

“Johnny’s body of work is significant, but much of what he does is out of site of the community and even the Town,” says longtime colleague Phil Cameron of Energy Conservation Works. “He’s like the phantom of the opera, making a huge impact on our community’s footprint, perhaps without the recognition he’s due. He does all this very selflessly and graciously, with a gleam in his eye and an impressive work ethic.”

The ATLAS committee looks forward to receiving applications for the 2018 EcoFair and providing the community with the opportunity to publicly recognize the efforts of citizens like Ziem, Tyson and others working hard to achieve sustainability in the Teton’s built environment.

“These agents of change are often buried in work behind the scenes,” says ATLAS committee member Molly Tyson. “Please spread the word about recognizing their efforts and join us at EcoFair in May to celebrate their contributions to make the Tetons a leader in sustainability.”

The nomination form is available at Applications are due May 3rd, 2018 and the ATLAS recipient will be announced at EcoFair on 2018. Nominees of all ages and sectors (private, NGO, government, academia, etc.) are welcome.

Nomination process:
Nominations may be submitted via a web form on the EcoFair website and must be received by May 3rd, 2018. Previous nominees are welcomed.

Please include:
● A summary of the nominee’s accomplishments and plans
● Contact information for a minimum of two references
● A photo representative of reason for nomination
● Contact information for nominator and nominee

The selection team, a group of community leaders, Andy’s colleagues, friends and family, may seek further information or conduct interviews if appropriate.

Nominees are identified through:

● Innovation approaches to their work
● Passion in what they do
● Inspiration of others
● Dedication to improving one’s knowledge and skill set
● Committed service to the community or promise as a rising star

Nominees may be active in any of the following areas:

● Public policy or community organizing in relevant sustainability issues
● Green building
● Renewable energy
● Energy efficiency
● Alternative transportation
● Recycling
● Waste reduction
● Sustainability education

CONTACT: Johnny Ziem,, (307) 413-0591 for additional information or questions.






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