Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde, CO

Mesa Verde National Park's Energy Needs

Mesa Verde National Park, located in the southwest corner of Colorado, sought proposals for solar power systems to reduce the energy consumption of their water treatment plant. The project was to be funded through Federal Stimulus funds (ARRA) and a tight timeframe was set for project completion.

The Creative Energies Solution

After reviewing the water treatment building and the surrounding ground area available, Creative Energies, and its partner, AMEC Environment and Infrastructure, Inc., proposed a ground mounted photovoltaic array. Carefully adapted to the uneven ground in the available area, the array was designed to provide the most energy generation possible at the least cost.

Creative Energies was ultimately selected from a national pool of bidders to design and install the grid tied solar energy system for Mesa Verde National Park. The project was completed and operational within six weeks of the final approval of the system design.

The System

  • 76 kW commercial grid tied system
  • Shard 230W modules
  • Satcon Powergate 75 kW inverter
  • Egauge solar generation and energy consumption monitoring

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