Publik Coffee

Salt Lake City, UT

"What we love about working with (Creative Energies) was that they stuck with us. They were so patient (even though) our budget and timing were all over the place. Toby and Mike were amazing. They did all the paperwork. They showed up on time. They worked with our budget. They went above and beyond to make it work for us. It was really a pleasant, easy experience."

Publik Coffee's Energy Needs

"Our passion is to make sure we were not only conducting a viable business but one we can feel good about," says Missy Greis, co-owner of Publik Coffee. Driven by the desire to run their business in a way that upholds their environmental values, Missy and her partner Matt Bourgeois approached Creative Energies about installing a solar PV system to power their new coffee roasting facility. The system would have to be large enough to handle the electricity needs of a significant collection of grinders, roasters, brewers, coolers, and other high-draw kitchen equipment for their coffee roastery.

The Creative Energies Solution:

Publik Coffee is located in a 13,000 square foot building in a historic district of Salt Lake City. Creative Energies installed a 16.3 kW commercial grid tied PV array on the roof of a 1960s addition to the original 1940s structure. The solar panels are not visible from the street and do not affect the appearance of the building.

Creative Energies assisted Publik Coffee in applying for a rebate through Rocky Mountain Power to help fund the system. The rebate was awarded through a lottery program. While Publik Coffee did not originally get the rebate, a rebate winner with a similarly sized system ended up not going through with their project, so Publik Coffee was awarded $15,200 in their place. The rebate covered 25% of the project costs.

The power demands of Publik Coffee's roastery are completely offset by the solar installation, which also helps power the rest of the building. The system will supply 50% of the company's total annual power needs.

The System:

  • 60 REC 260W panels
  • 3 ABB 4.2 string inverters
  • EcoFoot ballasted racking with a 10-degree tilt

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