Salt Lake Acting Co

Salt Lake City, UT

"Creative Energies oversaw this project and made the whole transition so smooth. Usually, with construction projects, there are always pitfalls but this went flawlessly. Also, the help with the grant was great!"

- Cynthia Fleming, Executive Producer, Salt Lake Acting Company

"(The solar array) blends in beautifully with the building. We just got a new roof, and there is little tone change from roof to panel. (It's) kind of like contemporary furniture working with historic furniture. It merges beautifully."

- Kevin Myhre, Executive Producer, Salt Lake City Acting Company

SLC Acting Company's Energy Needs

Like most theater companies, the Salt Lake Acting Company was racking up huge monthly power bills to run their operation. Powering 200 high-intensity lighting instruments in addition to their historic 14,000 square foot facility was costing the theater company $1,800-$2,500 each month. When Creative Energies alerted SLAC to the opportunity to apply for a Blue Sky grant through Rocky Mountain Power to cover the cost of a solar electric system, they were intrigued.

Since their beginnings in 1970, the company has sought to address contemporary issues in the work they do on stage. The prospect of generating clean solar energy to offset a large portion of their monthly bills appealed to them, not just for the financial savings, but because it aligned with their purpose of providing through-provoking inspiration to the community.

The Creative Energies Solution

With Creative Energies' help, SLAC applied for and was awarded a $75,000 grant, which paid for the entire system cost of their 22.02 kW array consisting of sixty-three REC 20 watt panels. The system is expected to reduce SLACs annual electricity costs by 30%. SLACs theaters are located in a historic 1896 building in the Marmalade Hills District of Salt Lake City. We worked closely with the Utah Heritage Foundation to ensure that the solar installation would not compromise the historic nature of the theater building.

True to form, the theater company is using their solar project as an opportunity for community outreach. They look forward to hosting educational events to teach local elementary and high school students about the benefits of solar energy.

The System

  • 63 REC 260W modules
  • 63 Enphase M215 microinverters
  • SnapNRack racking system

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