Tracy Aviary Solar Trees

Salt Lake City, UT

Tracy Aviary's Energy Needs

Creative Energies was chosen by Tracy Aviary to design and install a solar structure that would generate electricity and provide shade to visitors of the Flamingo exhibit.

The Creative Energies Solution

Creative Energies selected Spotlight Solar and their “Solar Trees” for the mounting structure. This unique project stands nearly 20′ tall. It has two arms each holding arrays that capture the sun throughout the day while at the same time, offering shade to both visitors and birds.

Lumos modules were used for the arrays. These modules are unique from other traditional solar modules, in that the silicon has no backer-paper or frame. This allows roughly 15% of the sunlight to shine between the silicon squares, providing a lighter feeling underneath the array. Micro-inverters were used on each module. The total system size is 6 kW. This is a fantastic educational exhibit, showing solar in a non-traditional way allowing people to see the endless possibilities of solar.

The System

  • 6 kW solar energy system
  • Custom 20 foot tall Solar Tree mounting structures
  • Lumos modules

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