Wyoming Welcome Center

Beulah, WY

Wyoming Welcome Center's Energy Needs

Creative Energies was hired to consult on the development of a solar energy system for the Wyoming State Welcome Center in Southeast Wyoming. The owners wanted this building, like the State of Wyoming, to produce more energy than it uses.

The Creative Energies Solution

This complex installation utilized five different roof surfaces and was carefully integrated with building function and aesthetics. The prominent south-facing roof has a 25 kW system with a single plane of solar modules stretching from eave to eave to create a uniform and striking visual image. It maximizes energy production in the space available. Creative Energies also installed the vertical geothermal loop field comprised of sixteen wellbores of 275 feet depth.

The System

  • 50 kW commercial grid-tied PV with 216 Sunpower 230Watt modules
  • 8 SMA inverters
  • Produces approximately 60,000 kWh per year
  • Saves approximately 95,000 pounds of coal per year

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