Giving Back

Solar Home Kit Program

Creative Energies has partnered with the Watt-to-Watt program for our Give Back Program providing clean solar energy to child led homes in Haiti, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our mission always has been to bring renewable energy to those who would not have access to it otherwise. Bringing renewable energy to these areas contributes to the safety, education, and economic stability of children.

Starting June 1st, 2018, for every solar power system we install in the US, we will donate one Solar Home Kit to the Watt-to-Watt program where they will be shipped and installed on the home of a child led family. Join us in making a difference!




The Give Back Program helps to provide light in darkness for child led homes. This light gives security from predators (human and others) as well as reduces accidental hazards from knocking over burning candles and kerosene. The direct health impacts include a reduction in coughing, itchy and burning eyes and respiratory diseases caused by the toxic fumes of kerosene.



Home solar kits allow recipients to study underneath lights without eye strain. The ability to charge electronic devices can also aid in personal development and life enrichment.


Economic Stability

Electricity generated from these solar kits enables recipients to direct their kerosene and candle budgets to other necessities (food, clothing, etc), creating great economic impact on their families. In addition, many entrepreneurial recipients have used the remaining USB ports as a means of revenue generation by charging fellow villagers a small fee to charge their devices.


The Solar Home Kit

full solar home kit pic

What’s in the Box

Foldable solar array made up of three panels



Solar DC Battery System




Four 2W LED Bulbs



Three cell phone chargers with adapters



Solar Home Kit Install Instructions


Multiple outlets on the solar kit can power several LED bulbs at a time, or it can also be used as a portable power supply.

The 5V 2A outlet is a universal charge port which can quickly charge cellphones, digital devices, power banks, and more.


Solar Panel: Polycrystalline 11V 30 W Battery: Lithium battery 7.4V 13AH Light Source: 2x2W LED+2x3W LED