Curtis Tronolone


Curtis has been with Creative Energies since 2006. He started out working primarily on geothermal heating and cooling systems, but transferred over to solar when the company decided to streamline their practices. He has lived in Lander, Wyoming for the past ten years, leaving briefly to sail in the Bahamas and check out the pacific north west, selling renewable energy credits in Portland, OR. He enjoys working for a company that has a strong environmental ethic. He belives in renewables enough to have included both solar and geothermal along with multiple other energy upgrades on his own historic cabin in Lander. When Curtis is not working for Creative Energies he is an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He believes there is a strong connection between preserving the natural world and sharing it with others to help build a coalition of supporters. He currently lives in the tiny home he is building and plans to install enough solar to make him Net Zero!