Barb Eastman and Tom Kimbrough


Customer Comment
“It’s the right thing to do. It’s easy, and it doesn’t require a lifestyle change. I should be making other lifestyle changes, but I still take airplane rides, and I still drive my car that uses gas, but putting panels on my house (was so easy) it was sort of a no brainer. And also I wanted to do it while there were still tax credits.

The Challenge
Salt Lake City residents Barb Eastman and Tom Kimbrough are counting on solar to help ease their expenses during retirement. In planning their retirement finances and running the numbers on solar, Barb realized that investing in solar now would allow them to leverage current tax credits towards future financial security.

The Creative Energies Solution

After analyzing 24 months of Barb and Toms prior electric bills, Creative Energies Mike Walton recommended sizing the system to provide 85-90% of the couples energy use. This would allow the fastest payback under Rocky Mountain Powers net metering policy.

Barb and Tom agreed, and Creative Energies installed ten REC 260 watt panels on their roof. They were able to fit nine of the panels on the south side of the roof, with the remaining panel facing west. The solar panels are equipped with micro-inverters to help combat any potential power loss due to shading.

The installation itself took just two days, but some reinforcement of the attic infrastructure was necessary first to make sure that the roof would hold up to the weight of the panels over time. “Mike Walton recommended a roofer and I was very pleased, says Barb, who also reports, “You can’t see it from the street. I think there’s no (aesthetic) impact whatsoever.” Before installing solar, Barb and Toms monthly electric bill ranged from $30 to over $100. After their PV system was installed in April, 2014, their first bill totaled just $7.99 the amount of their base utility charge plus tax.