John, Red Canyon, Wyoming

Customer Comment
“The sales guy was really good about explaining the various parts of the system, everything from the inverters to the solar panels themselves all aspects of the actual planning were handled well.”

The Challenge
John and his wife believe in being as green as practical, using recycled materials and implementing green technology where budget allows. Although John would like to be off grid eventually, he did not want to wait for the price of batteries to come down before adding a renewable energy system to his home in Lander, WY.

The Creative Energies Solution

John initially expressed interest in wind power, but after reviewing options decided that solar would let him take advantage of the high number of cloud-free days in their location, and was a more suitable solution for their needs.

Creative Energies installed a 6 kW, grid-tied solar PV system on Johns home in the fall of 2013. The three rows of 8 panels each are ideally situated on the homes south-facing roof.

Being on grid allows John and his wife to qualify for solar net metering through their utility provider, High Plains Power. However, they are still interested in going off grid at some point in the future. If and when battery technology improvements result in significantly longer-lived batteries, they hope to expand and convert their system to achieve this goal.