Ken & Lorrie Schreuder

Customer Comment
“The workmanship was great. I think they did a nice job getting it up on the roof and making it look nice and even up there The tile looks good, the roof looks really neat and tidy. (Creative Energies was) more concerned than I was about the aesthetics. Those guys did a great job with it.”

The Challenge
Ken and Lorrie Schreuder are looking forward to retirement and wanted to gift their future selves with low utility bills.  They had built their home with solar in mind, and considered adding a PV system in 2008, but lower panel prices made it a more attractive option for them in 2014.

The Creative Energies Solution

Creative Energies installed a 24 panel, 6 kW system on the couples south facing garage roof.

Ken and Lorrie chose the black on silver option for their panels. “(The solar array) fills most of our garage roof space, and fits the surface well,” says Ken. “Proportionally, it looks nice, breaks up the ground with a little black & silver. The house has a green feel to it now.”

The couple expects the system to pay for itself in 14 years “with free electricity after that just in time for them to enjoy minimal utility bills in their golden years.”