Lizard Skins


Customer Comment
“Creative Energies helped make my solar dreams come true!!”

The Challenge
Brian is the President of Lizard Skins Hi-Performance Bicycle Accessories. Since 2011 he has been implementing a groundbreaking sustainability effort for his cycling company. As part of this effort, which includes energy efficiency measures and recycling, Brian hired Creative Energies to install a 9kW grid-tied system on the company’s headquarters in Orem, UT.

The Creative Energies Solution

The system Creative Energies installed has online monitoring for both total electricity consumption and PV system output. Annually, the system will produces over 30% of their total electricity and the data produced by Egauge is received in real time. With this tool Brian has been able to remotely monitor the buildings energy usage when he is on business trips, manage the Utility Demand Charges by adjusting when tools are used and even save the building from burning down when an employee inadvertently left a radiant space heater on.

The System

  • 9 kW commercial grid-tied PV with BP 230 Watt modules.
  • Fronius IG+ inverter with eGauge online monitoring
  • Produces 12000kWh per year and saves 9189 lbs of coal per year.
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