Nancy Lombardo


Customer Comment
“The guys at Creative Energies were super helpful. I really liked the fact that they basically took care of everything. At first the roofing company wasnt sure they wanted to hold up the warranty, but the Creative Energies guys called them up and talked to them and got them to honor the warranty. They did all the paper work to get the meter going and set it up with Rocky Mountain Power. It all just went super smoothly.”

The Challenge
Nancy Lombardo came to Creative Energies after attending an informational session on solar energy at the University of Utah. She is a strong believer in clean energy, and believes that change isn’t happening fast enough at the political level. Nancy approached Creative Energies about installing a solar electric system that would allow her to contribute to a cleaner environment as an individual, and save money too.

The Creative Energies Solution

Creative Energies designed a PV system for Nancy that will provide 70-75% of her annual power needs. The 4.4 kW system includes sixteen Solar World 275 watt microcrystalline panels.

The panels are installed on three different sides of Nancy’s roof two facing south, six facing east, and the remainder on the west side of the roof. Nancy says she is pleased with the installations appearance. “They are practically invisible. You can’t see them at all from the street. They’re very subtle.”

Nancy’s solar panels went up in June, 2014. At its peak, the system is offsetting 93% of her summer electricity usage. Nancy says she is thrilled to be generating power, and especially enjoys being able to go online and watch her system produce power by the minute.