Elliot & Susie Hulet


Customer Comment
“I was impressed with the rapidity of the installation. I thought Id sign up and it would be a few weeks but it went really quickly.  They (Creative Energies) were terrific to work with, they really were. I live in a gated community and we werent home much at the time of installation, so I had to give them the code to get in. But it worked just fine.

The Challenge
Concerned about air pollution in the greater Salt Lake City area, Elliot and Susie Hulet had been thinking about adding solar panels to their home for nearly three years when a close relative purchased a PV system from Creative Energies in the spring of 2014. After seeing this system in action, the Hulets decided it was time for them to go solar, too. In mid-June, 2014, Elliot and Susie asked Creative Energies to design a PV system that would assist them in doing their part for cleaner air.

The Creative Energies Solution

Within a couple of days of receiving Elliots call, Creative Energies Scott Kane assessed the Hulets home and found it to be a near ideal location for solar with its unshaded, south-facing roof. Next,  he spoke with Suzie and Elliot to determine their goals for the project. They agreed on a design that would provide 80% of the couples annual electric needs. This approach would best allow them to take advantage of Rocky Mountain Powers net metering program.

Within a week of the initial assessment, the Creative Energies crew installed a 30 panel, 8.1 kW PV array on the Hulets roof. The only hitch came when the panels that had originally been specified became temporarily unavailable. Rather than delay the project, Scott offered the Hulets a panel upgrade for no additional charge. They happily accepted, and their PV system went live on July 9, 2014.

The System

  • 30 Solarworld 270W panels
  • Enphase microinverters