Town of Jackson, Wyoming

The Creative Energies Solution

Project: State and ARRA Funded 165 kW Grid Tie Solar System, ground mounted & an additional 27 kW & 25kW Grid Tie Solar System, ground mounted, as well as a 4kW & 3kW roof mounted systems.

Date of completion: September 2010

Creative Energies assisted the National Park gateway Town of Jackson, WY with their commitment to reduce their carbon footprint 10% by 2010. Creative Energies provided consultation and design services for multiple energy generation systems and was selected to design and install five separate grid connected solar systems. The first three systems were completed in 2008 and 2009. In the summer of 2010 Creative Energies built an additional 165kW system and a 25 kW system. The largest installation is located at the City Wastewater Treatment Plant and covers roughly an acre in solar panels. The solar array is ground-mounted and is interconnected with the facilitys UV treatment building. Two other grid connected solar electric systems are mounted on the roof of a public restroom and on the elevator tower of a public parking garage. Creative Energies met all ARRA operating and reporting requirements.