Wind Power for Casper College

The Challenge
Casper College sought an opportunity to create a hands-on training setting for their students studying wind power. The purpose of the project was public education and wind energy system technical training for college students.  The project was hosted at the Department of Energys Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center.  This project was part of a broader effort to develop and test renewable energy systems in Wyoming climates. Now they needed someone with experience planning and installing wind power systems.

The Creative Energies Solution

Creative Energies developed and proposed several wind power system solutions to meet the design, educational requirements and budget needs of the project. Casper College selected the Proven 6kW system as it provided the best hands-on educational opportunity for their students. The expected reliability of Proven Windpower equipment and the simplicity of the turbine design were strong selling points. Students and faculty from Casper College joined us for the final wind turbine erection day.

The System

  • 6 kW commercial grid-tied wind power.
  • Proven 6kW wind turbine on a 15 meter monopole tower.
  • Using an SMA Windyboy inverter.
  • Produces 40kWh per day, 14,600 kW-h per year.