Residential Program: Solar Power for Your Home

New to solar? No problem! Our residential sales teams are here to walk you through each step of the process whether you are in Utah, Wyoming, or Idaho. Every homeowner has their own energy and financial goals. We’re here to find the system that’s right for you.


Cut Your Electricity Costs Up To 100%

Reduce the amount of energy you buy each month. Every kilowatt-hour your solar system produces is one you don’t have to pay for. Going solar will give you huge savings on your electricity bills.

Lower Prices

The recent drop in solar equipment costs have made a solar energy system more affordable than ever. In areas with higher utility rates, an average system will pay for itself in 5 to 7 years. During the system’s guaranteed life of 25 years, it will pay for itself several times over.


Solar Power Stories

Greg and Amy recently moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and purchased a home in the valley. Together, they looked at their energy and financial saving goals.  They decided to invest in a solar energy system that produces over 90% of their electricity needs.

Their investment will pay for itself in about 6 years.  Greg and Amy’s array will continue producing electricity for their home for more than years. Over the lifetime of the system, Greg and Amy’s solar panels will pay for itself over and over again. In the age of rising utility rates, these two will save thousands on their utility bills.



Savings and Incentives

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)
The United States government offers a 30% Solar Tax Credit. This credit applies to the total cost of your solar installation.

State Tax Credits and Local Incentives
Many states and some utility companies offer their own  tax credits or incentives. Our technical sales team stays up-to-date on the latest incentives to get you the best deal.

Financing Your Solar System

Many customers choose financing as a way to ease the upfront costs. By investing in your system over time, you get all the benefits of going solar, as well as the advantages of financing. In some areas, your monthly payments will be lower than your utility bill savings.


Battery Storage

Creative Energies offers battery Storage options from LG Chem and StorEdge. Get more information here.

Residential Off-Grid Solar

Off-grid home solar is the best choice for anyone that wants freedom from the electrical grid.  Using a battery bank, your solar system stores energy throughout the day and is then on-call when the sun goes down. With some expert planning from our engineers we can make your off-grid cabin dream a reality.




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