Commercial Solar Services

Creative Energies designs and installs commercial solar energy solutions for businesses, small-scale shared utilities, and nonprofit organizations. We bring 20 years of experience to each commercial solar service project. From quoting and designing systems to installing, servicing, and maintaining them, we are masters of our craft while representing honesty and authenticity. Our local team will bring their expertise to your commercial solar project.

Eco-friendly design and green buildings are increasingly popular with their many benefits. Your commercial property can be a leader in sustainability by going solar for good. Choosing solar decreases your building's carbon footprint and benefits your community, employees, and the environment. Installing solar on your facility greatly reduces your electricity costs, forever reducing your operating expenses while providing opportunities to boost property asset value.

We consistently offer commercial customers in Utah and Wyoming the best solar investment in the industry.

Our experienced NABCEP certified solar technicians and licensed electricians provide confident commercial solar service and maintenance solutions that keep your array operating optimally.

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Why Commercial Solar Makes Sense

Energy bills can be one of the largest operational expenses for any business. A solar energy system can offset these expenses by producing free energy from the sun.

Commercial solar has the fastest return on investment in the industry. A typical solar energy system has a 5 year ROI in many areas. With a 25-year panel warranty and a much longer life expectancy, you’re likely to see this system pay for itself several times over.

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