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You own your home, why rent your power?

The recent drop in solar equipment costs has made a solar energy system more affordable than ever. Our residential sales teams are here to walk you through each step of the process. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote and design the system that’s right for you.

Cut Your Electricity Costs Up To 100%

Reduce the amount of energy you buy each month. Every kilowatt-hour your solar system produces is one you don’t have to pay for. Going solar will give you huge savings on your electricity bills.

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Clean Energy Credit Union

The negative impacts of pollution and climate change require us to act boldly and quickly to protect our environment and usher in a clean energy economy. Public demand for clean energy is growing rapidly and so, too, is the need for affordable financing for clean energy products and services.

To address this, we recommend Clean Energy Credit Union, a financial institution focused solely on providing loans that help people afford clean energy products and services such as solar electric systems, electric vehicles, home energy efficiency retrofits, electric-assist bicycles, and net-zero energy homes.

Their vision is a world where everyone can participate in the clean energy movement.

Visit Clean Energy Credit Union for more information.


Solar Education


Cut Your Electricity Costs Up To 100%

Reduce the amount of energy you buy each month. Every kilowatt-hour your solar system produces is one you don’t have to pay for. Going solar will give you huge savings on your electricity bills.


Lower Prices

The recent drop in solar equipment costs have made a solar energy system more affordable than ever. In areas with higher utility rates, an average system will pay for itself in 6 to 7 years. During the system’s expected life of 25 years, it will pay for itself several times over.


Savings and Incentives

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)

The United States government offers a 26% Solar Tax Credit. This credit applies to the total cost of your solar installation and applies to both residential and commercial projects.

State Tax Credits and Local Incentives

Some states and some utility companies offer their own tax credits or incentives. Our technical sales team stays up-to-date on the latest incentives to get you the best deal.


Financing Your Solar System

Many customers choose financing as a way to spread the project cost over a longer period. By investing in your system over time, you get all the benefits of going solar, as well as the advantages of financing. In some areas, your monthly payments will be lower than your utility bill savings.


Battery Storage

Creative Energies offers battery storage options with Tesla Powerwall.


Residential Off-Grid Solar

Off-grid home solar is the best choice for anyone without access to the electrical grid. Using a battery bank, your solar system stores energy throughout the day and is then on-call when the sun goes down. With some expert planning from our engineers we can make your off-grid cabin dream a reality.These systems take careful planning, a thorough design, and ongoing maintenance.

Referral Rewards

Creative Energies gives out referral rewards to thank our customers who help Creative Energies make a difference with solar.

When someone you referred goes solar for good with Creative Energies, we will send you a check or you can opt to donate to our Give Back Program partnership with the Honnold Foundation solar energy grants for underserved communities.

Residential Referral Rewards = $400

Commercial Referral Rewards = $1,000

Learn more about Creative Energies referral rewards.



How expensive is a solar power system?

The cost of a solar power system varies depending on the size of the system that you choose and on-site conditions. Low energy consumers will not need a large system. The more energy you use, the larger the system will need to be.


How long do solar panels last?

Most solar panels are guaranteed to last 25 years and are expected to last even longer. The new technology in these panels has not been around long enough to really see the extent of their life. Here in our office we have solar panels that were made in the 1970’s that still work! Improved design and manufacturing should allow today’s panels to outlive most of us.


Do you do battery back up?

Yes we do! We are a Certified Tesla PowerwallInstaller. Battery systems require careful planning, a clear understanding of customer objectives, and a mastery of the regulations and electrical code that governs them. This is exactly what we do. Our project planners can help determine an approach to energy storage that meets your needs.


How much maintenance does my solar energy system need?

Typically your system is nearly maintenance free. All of our systems include some type of monitoring that allows you and us to view the system performance and spot a malfunction early. An annual visual inspection is wise. Occasional cleaning can help system efficiency but is generally not necessary. It’s okay to leave snow on your system during the winter months.


How heavy is a solar panel?

An average solar panel is about about 44 pounds or 4 pounds per square foot. This extra weight is typically not an issue on most roofs. During a site visit our technical sales team will check your roof structure to be sure that it is in good condition.


What does photovoltaic (PV) mean?

Photo = light, voltaic = electric. Photovoltaic (PV) panels turn light energy directly to electric energy. No heat capture, fluids or pumps involved. Ultra-pure silicon, when exposed to sunlight performs the magic.

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