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Battery Backup

Creative Energies can install solar battery backup to pair with your solar system array so that you can power your home even at night or when the grid is down. A solar system paired with battery backup allows the freedom to use energy from the sun any time, no matter if it’s nighttime or during a power outage. Solar battery backups store energy from the sun so that you can power your home even when the sun isn’t shining.

Creative Energies is both a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and a Generac PWRcell certified clean energy installer throughout Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. The Tesla and Generac battery storage options provide ample opportunity to maximize your self-reliance and energy management for both residential and commercial properties. Our solar experts can help you decide which battery storage option is the most optimal solution to meet your energy needs.

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Solar Backup Up Battery Storage Options

How much battery storage capacity should I consider for my home or business?

Everything, from the lights, appliances, electrical heating or air conditioning, and anything else that uses electricity in your home or business, contributes its own load on your electric system. Having solar battery storage can enable you to save up enough excess energy from the sun to backup your entire home or business, providing power to all loads on your system, or, with a smaller battery backup option, you can prioritize your most important loads to receive power over others.

The choice is yours when it comes to deciding what your energy goals are, whether you’re looking for options for your home, business, or off grid cabin, Creative Energies is here to help facilitate solutions.

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