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Generac PWRcell

Creative Energies is a Generac certified clean energy installer and proudly provides the Generac PWRcell as a battery backup option for residential and commercial properties in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. Generac has been in the backup power business since 1959 and offers the PWRcell as a quality battery backup solution for capturing and storing solar energy for your home or business. Designed to be more modular and scalable than other available battery options, the Generac PWRcell allows for customized configurations that can meet your specific energy-storing goals.

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How does Generac PWRcell work?

Like most battery storage options, Generac PWRcell utilizes the same lithium-ion battery technology to harness energy from your solar system and holds on to it until you are ready to use it. The PWRcell is installed with a new solar system and cannot be added as a retrofit to an already existing system. This is because, with PWRcell, energy flows from the sun into your solar panels and directly into your PWRcell battery backup.

Once the PWCcell is fully charged from your solar panels, excess energy flows to an inverter, which converts it into usable electricity in your home or business. As the PWRcell becomes fully charged and your home or business receives the energy it needs, excess generated electricity flows onto the grid.

What is a self-powered home or business?

A self-powered home or business combines solar energy and PWRcell to independently power your home or business day and night. During the day, solar panels feed energy directly to PWRcell, keeping your battery backup fully charged and ready to send energy to your home or business on-demand, even after the sun has set.

Through PWRcell’s Smart Management Modules, home and business owners can easily prioritize certain loads on their system, giving them the flexibility and control to choose how they utilize their energy.

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