SolarEdge Energy Bank

Creative Energies is a SolarEdge Energy Bank installer in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. We provide solar battery backup options like the SolarEdge Energy Bank to power your home even during outages.

Creative Energies is a SolarEdge Preferred Partner.

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Paired with a solar array system, SolarEdge Energy Bank can provide you with more power, savings, and independence from the utility energy grid. The Energy Bank can power large appliances, like air conditioning, and washers & dryers for longer periods during a grid power outage.

Homeowners can simultaneously charge batteries and send energy into the grid for credits.

The Energy Bank is a DC-powered solar storage platform.

The SolarEdge Energy Bank provides design flexibility to integrate with other SolarEdge products and other smart add-ons.

You can monitor and manage your system with the mySolarEdge app.


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Contact us if you have questions about a SolarEdge Energy Bank installation at 866.332.3410 or

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