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Solar FAQ

Do You Know How Well Your Solar is Working?

Fall weather and recent storms are good reminders to verify your solar power system monitoring. Regularly monitoring your system can ensure it is working properly and allows you to see how much electricity (kilowatt-hours) your array is producing.

5 Tips for Verifying Solar Performance

  1. Check your monitoring system (likely SolarEdge or Enlighten) online from your computer or via your phone app
  2. Look for and clear debris (snow, tree branches, and leaves can affect energy output)
  3. Inspect your inverter (if you see a red light or suspect something may be wrong, contact us)
  4. Watch your electric bills for unexpected increases in billing
  5. Check the weather (solar modules do work on cloudier days, but when it's overcast, your modules will have some reduction in energy output)

You are always welcome to contact Creative Energies for service needs or maintenance checks at or 866.332.3410.

Creative Energies Solar provides service and maintenance in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. Even if your system was put in by a different company, Creative Energies Solar can help maintain your system.

Learn more about Creative Energies Solar service and maintenance options in your area.

Wondering About Backup Power?

Solar energy storage is increasingly popular and with the recent massive windstorm in northern Utah and early snowfall in Wyoming bringing power outages, we're seeing even more interest from our customers in batteries for backup power. Even when the grid goes down, with solar and storage you can continue to power your home.

Creative Energies is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer and can answer your questions about backup power.

Learn more about Tesla Powerwall

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