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The Future of Rooftop Solar in Utah Needs Your Help

Rocky Mountain Power is proposing to drastically decrease the Utah solar export credit rate by 84% (the amount customers receive for adding their excess power back into the grid). The outcome of this proposal will be decided by the Public Service Commission hearing for Docket No: 17-035-61.

The proposed rate drop from 9.2 cents to 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour would make rooftop solar more expensive, cost thousands of Utah jobs (the solar industry accounts for 6,000 jobs), and hinder efforts for cleaner air, grid resiliency, and a homeowner's path to self-reliance. It will not affect rates for those with solar already installed, but its impact would be devastating to Utah's solar future.

Creative Energies continues to believe in and fight for the possibilities that solar brings to our customers, friends, community, and the environment. Join the fight with us!

2 Ways You Can Help Save Solar

  1. Submit an email comment sharing why you want a fair rate for rooftop solar to the Public Service Commission at with the subject "Docket No. 17-035-61" and include your full name.
  2. Spread the word to your friends and family.

Helpful Resources

Utah Clean Energy's Prepare for the Solar Export Credit Proceeding's Public Hearing Blog

Sierra Club's How You Can Save Solar Presentation

HEAL Utah's Rooftop Solar Run Down

Suggested talking points from HEAL

Comments for the hearing should be less than 3 minutes long.

Tell your personal story as to why you care about rooftop solar and why you want to see it succeed in Utah.

Increase the export credit rate to reflect the real value created by rooftop solar.

Reinstate the Net Metering Program.

Adopt the Vote Solar study recommendation of 24¢ per kilowatt-hour.

Rooftop solar is good for our health and for the environment.

The power generated by rooftop solar means coal not burned.

Air pollution and climate change are pressing threats to Utah and Utahn’s bear the burden of these costs, not Rocky Mountain Power.

Rooftop solar creates grid resilience and flexibility.

The grid is changing, and distributed power generation gives ordinary Utahn’s the best chance to benefit.

Solar is an economic engine in Utah.

Thousands would be out of work overnight if Rocky Mountain Power’s proposed export credit rate is implemented in the new year.

Consumer choice.

Utahns should have reasonable and affordable access to independent clean energy.

Rocky Mountain Power is acting as a monopoly trying to crush the competition at the expense of ratepayers.

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