Look for These Green Flags! 7 Signs that a Solar Company will do Right by You!

There are certainly a few red flags to be aware of when choosing a solar company that is right for you. We went over them in our Red Flags Article. But what about good qualities in a solar company? What Green Flags should you be aware of that indicate that a solar company will treat you right?

We’ve laid out our top 7 Green Flags to look for in a solar company. We’ve put this list together based upon our many years of experience providing solar installations and working in the solar industry.

Years in the Solar Industry

Be wary of solar companies that have not been in business for more than five years. In recent years, as hundreds of solar companies have come and gone, we maintain a robust service department helping relinquished system owners while prioritizing our customers. In fact, last year, we adopted many solar systems that were abandoned by the companies that installed them. Many of these systems have been orphaned due to the original installer going out of business. Creative Energies has over 20 years of solar experience, garnering a reputation of trust and reliability. Our time-tested quality solar craft has proven to be the best in the industry. We stand firmly behind our work.

Ethical & Honest Marketing

You have seen them, the ads that claim that the government will pay you to go solar. Unfortunately, marketing claims like these are not honest. While there are incredible incentives to cover part of your solar investment, the government will not simply pay you to go solar. Some of these real incentives include the Investment Tax Credit, set at 30%, and clean energy grants, such as REAP from the USDA and Blue Sky from Rocky Mountain Power. At Creative Energies, we pride ourselves on providing you with accurate information so that you can make the most informed energy decisions.

Focused on Customer Needs

A solar company should pay close attention to your energy needs as it pertains to your unique energy profile and usage. Too often, some companies will sell you a system that doesn’t fit your unique energy needs. This can be due to several areas of neglect such as the direction of the roof, surrounding shade, electrical service specifications, etc. We invite you to collaborate with us to find the right balance between your carbon offset goals and your budget. Our primary goal is to help you reach your own energy goals. We are committed to developing a holistic solution with high quality equipment and true pride in our solar artistry. We are committed to helping you make well-considered decisions about your energy choices.

Community Engagement

Solar companies who engage with their community show that they work to maintain individual and community relationships forged through solar. Another sign that they will be here for the long-run. Creative Energies supports local nonprofits that work to inform the public about energy conservation and events that contribute to local camaraderie and unity. Our Giveback Program partners with the Honnold Foundation to support marginalized communities around the world. For every residential solar system we install, we donate to Honnold’s various energy grants. Creative Energies intends to support our communities for another 20 years and beyond. Bottom line: look for signs of a company's involvement with the community outside of making a profit.

Environmentally Conscious

Look for a solar company who acknowledges solar’s contribution to protecting and preserving our natural world. These solar companies are more than likely in the industry for solar’s contribution to the greater good. We care deeply about our impact on the environment. That is why we operate out of net zero energy offices in Utah and Wyoming. We’ve been avid supporters of local clean energy initiatives for over two decades, and we look for opportunities to educate people on solar energy technology and the issues plaguing our environment. We are supporters of local environmental groups such as Utah Clean Energy and Wyoming Solar Energy Association.

Certified Installers & B Corp

If a solar company is not highlighting their relevant certifications in the industry, it is likely they are not certified, indicating a poor approach to solar consulting and installation alike. For example, NABCEP, the most recognized and esteemed solar certification business, is how we can ensure that you are getting the best solar consultation on the market. Creative Energies has more NABCEP certified solar experts than any other company in the intermountain west.

Additionally, as a certified B Corporation and Amicus Coop Member, we are dedicated to using our business as a force for good. B Corps like Creative Energies are committed to providing a comfortable living wage, opportunities for advancement, and a manageable schedule for employees. Whether in the office or in the field, Creative Energies is a safe place for people from all backgrounds and communities. The care and respect that we give to each other translates to the service we provide our clients.

Educational and Informative

If a company is hesitant or unwilling to educate you on the nuances of going solar, they may be trying to get a quick sale and move on to the next. The “just trust us” approach to introducing people to solar is problematic and can lead you to purchasing a system that doesn’t fit your needs or lifestyle. Although there are many technical aspects of going solar, we are adamant about transparency, which means we want you to understand your system the way we understand it. Solar education is very important to us. We strive to turn our clientele into solar experts themselves after working with us.

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