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Fern Nichols

Lead Solar Installer

Fern has been a part of the Creative Energies team since October 2020, and they are always excited to help put a little more renewable energy into the world. Originally from Cleveland, OH, they graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor's in Conservation Biology. Before coming to CE, Fern worked in a handful of National Parks and Forests across the western United States, doing trail work jobs and natural resources internships! On their off time, you'll usually find Fern out in the woods hiking, camping, and foraging. They also enjoy rock climbing and mountain biking, but for them, nothing beats getting out on a trail on their own two feet, with a weekend's worth of supplies on their back!

  • 01

    Occasionally works as a wildland firefighter.

  • 02

    Total weather nerd, wants to chase tornadoes someday.