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Juan Velazquez

Juan Velazquez

Construction Team Lead

Juan Velazquez™ is a true jack-of-all-trades. He’s worked as a carpenter, shipyard welder, landscape designer, model, sales ambassador, photographer, and most recently as an accomplished tile setter where he lived and worked on the island of Oʻahu contracting high-end residential renovations for celebrities and the local elite. His drive for finding new challenges led him to Utah where he chose CE Solar to make his entrance into the solar industry. When he’s not fixing global warming, you’ll find him free-diving through caves (sometimes shark-infested), backpacking and cycling, working on his classic Ford pickup, sport shooting, road-tripping across the US, or his newest endeavor—skiing and snowboarding.

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    Enjoying movies and television, he’s seen over 1,000 films and 170 series to completion.