Referral Rewards

Get the most out of Creative Energies' Newly Expanded Referral Program

  • Receive $400 for each referral that installs a solar system under 24kW!
  • Receive $1000 for each referral that installs a system over 24kW!

Plus, receive a bonus of $1000 for every fourth referral no matter the system size!

Become a solar ambassador for Creative Energies and be the positive change you want to see in the world!

We are a referral-based business! Solar referrals help us keep our costs down and give back more to our employees. Anyone can become a solar ambassador for Creative Energies! Whether you are a business owner who wants to promote solar among colleagues and partners -or- if you are a homeowner who wants to inform your friends and neighbors about how solar has positively impacted your lifestyle, this program is right for you.

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Join Our Ambassador Program

There are many ways to be a Creative Energies Solar Ambassador:

  • Host a solar party
  • Run a social media campaign
    • Make a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok post, etc.
    • Reach people in your growing social media circle
    • Reach a much wider audience of folks likely to go solar
    • Gain new followers as you provide worthwhile info
  • Send out a mass email
  • Table at local events such as farmer’s markets and trade shows
  • Write a review -or- several at Google, Yelp, BBB, Solar Reviews, and Angi

As you begin your journey as a CE Solar Ambassador . . .

We can provide you with pointers and materials to help your people understand why solar is such a game changer for businesses and residences alike. We want people to understand why and how solar will work for them. No gimmicks. Just honest, transparent solar correspondence. When you become a solar ambassador, we provide you with all the necessary materials to present to your people just why going solar is the right thing to do–for them and the world.

We are here to help you throw a solar solar party. We are available to cohost a solar event with you, to answer questions about every aspect of going solar.

The following is a list of materials that Creative Energies is happy to provide to our solar ambassadors:

  • Solar handouts
    • Solar Technology and History, Current Incentives, Our Solar Project portfolio, Proposal examples
  • Branded Gear
    • Business cards, Stickers, Magnets
Handouts that Creative Energies can provide to solar ambassadors

How Creative Energies' Solar Referral Rewards Work

When an eligible solar project, referred by you to Creative Energies, is completed, we will follow up with you, the referrer, to see if you want a $400 or $1000 check sent directly to you or sent and donated to our Give Back Program that supports solar energy grants for underserved communities through the Honnold Foundation. Either way, your solar rewards are yours to spend however you would like. On the fourth referral, we will include the $1000 bonus on the fourth referral check.

***Referred customers must indicate who referred them before their project installation commences. It is preferred that we know when the solar installation proposal is presented to the referred customer.

Residential Referral Rewards ($400)

Solar projects that are less than 24 kW are eligible for referral rewards of $400 once they have been completed. These are typically home residential solar installations. Even with a battery backup, it is unlikely that one will surpass 24 kilowatts. However, even the smallest solar system installations are still eligible for the four-hundred-dollar referral reward.

Commercial Referral Rewards ($1000)

Solar projects that are 24 kW and above are eligible for referral rewards of $1,000 once they have been completed. With the heightened complexity and needs of larger enterprises, it is rare for a commercial installation to be below 24 kilowatts. From coffee houses to large data centers, Creative Energies has installed the most diverse solar systems in the Intermountain West.

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