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You are already going to talk to your friends about us. You might as well get paid for it.

Creative Energies pays referral dollars to our customers who recommend someone who goes solar with us. It is a big Thank You to those who received a solar system setup from us and help others do the same. Word about our great consultation, installation process, and post-installation service travels fast--our referral rewards are just another way for our clients to benefit from going solar for good.

When a friend of yours gets a solar installation from Creative Energies, you will be mailed a check or you can opt to donate your rewards to our Give Back Program partnership with the Honnold Foundation in support of solar energy grants for underserved communities.

Residential Referral Rewards = $400

Commercial Referral Rewards = $1,000

The easiest way to get a friend, neighbor, and/or colleague started with solar is to encourage them to fill out our brief solar estimate form. The minimal information provided with this form allows us to make a basic solar estimate that we can adjust as we become more familiar with the prospective customer's solar goals.

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Creative Energies Pays You for Every Customer You Recommend Who Goes Solar

Do you believe in the environmental and financial benefits of solar for homeowners and business owners? Do you regularly share what inspired you to make the switch to solar? Do you find yourself telling friends, family, and colleagues about your experience going #SolarForGood with Creative Energies?

You are helping amplify the impact of solar for environmental savings and community benefits. Thank you for being a solar ambassador!

How Creative Energies' Solar Referral Rewards Work

When an eligible solar project, referred by you to Creative Energies, is completed, we will follow up you, the referrer, to see if you want a check sent directly to you or sent and donated to our Give Back Program that supports solar energy grants for underserved communities through the Honnold Foundation. Either way, you solar rewards are yours to spend however you would like.

Referred customers must indicate who referred them before their project installation commences. It is preferred that we know when the solar installation proposal is presented to the referred customer.

Residential Referral Rewards

Solar projects that are less than 24 kW are eligible for referral rewards of $400 once they have been completed. These are typically home residential solar installations. Even with a battery backup, it is unlikely that one will surpass 24 kilowatts. However, even the smallest solar system installations are still eligible for the four-hundred dollar referral reward.

Commercial Referral Rewards

Solar projects that are 24 kW and above are eligible for referral rewards of $1,000 once they have been completed. With the heightened complexity and needs of larger enterprises, it is rare for a commercial install to be below 24 kilowatts. From coffee houses to large data centers, Creative Energies has installed the most diverse solar systems in the intermountain west.

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