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Creative Energies brings 20 years of solar installation experience to the great state of Wyoming. We provide solar estimates, designs, and installations for homeowners, businesses, and organizations in the Cheyenne and Laramie area. We are known for customer satisfaction as we service and maintain systems post-installation. We are masters of our solar craft while representing honesty and authenticity. Our team brings our knowledge and understanding of solar as it continues to advance to each project.

Solar for Good

Creative Energies believes that solar energy for homeowners and commercial businesses can be a force for good. CE Solar is proud to be a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corps) that cares deeply about our customers and employees alike. Our belief in a future powered by renewable energy is what Creative Energies Solar was founded on. Working closely with local nonprofits to advocate for renewable energy policies, we take pride in helping customers feel well-informed when it comes to making decisions about going solar for good.

We operate out of net-zero energy offices that utilize the solar power technology that we advocate for and promote. Many of our employees endorse solar energy, implementing solar arrays on their own home or property.

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