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What We Do

We bring 20 years of experience to solar installations for homeowners, businesses, and organizations. Founded on a belief in a future powered by renewable energy, we believe in solar for good. We are a Certified Benefit Corporation that cares deeply about the environment, our community, and our customers. We operate out of net-zero energy offices that utilize energy-efficient passive designs and photovoltaic systems. For every solar array we install, we donate to solar energy grants. Creative Energies' purpose is to lead communities into a clean energy future.

Creative Energies is devoted to the mountain towns we work, live, and play in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. We are adventurous solar craftspeople and many of our staff have solar panels on their own homes. We have come together to do our part in sustaining this amazing world we share. We are excited that you want to go #SolarForGood with us.

We are expert solar installers, technicians, electricians, and designers. We take pride in our solar craft of:

Commercial Solar

Residential Solar

Off Grid Solar

Solar Service and Maintenance

Solar Battery Backup

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20 Years of Solar Experience

Our company’s history began in 2000 when Creative Energies’ founders, Andy Tyson and Scott Kane noticed a problem. Climate change and regional air quality were becoming worse and our country was hooked on foreign oil. As former environmental educators with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Scott and Andy knew it was time to change our nation's energy production methods. Founded on a belief in a future powered by renewable energy, we believe in solar for good.

Today our focus is on residential, commercial, and public facilities as well as off grid solar power. We are a dedicated and dynamic company based in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. We now have over 20 years of experience installing solar and are experts in our field. Solar Power World ranks Creative Energies as the top solar installer in Wyoming and one of the top solar companies in Utah and Idaho.

Industry Leaders


Residential Solar

If you're thinking about making the switch to solar, our residential sales teams are here to walk you through each step of the process from solar panel installation questions to solar with battery. Learn more.


Commercial Solar

When you have a big project, you want a team of experienced installers to do the job right the first time. Check out some of our latest commercial solar installs. Learn more.


Off Grid Solar

We have 20 years of off grid solar experience and can provide solar solutions for your off grid project. Learn more.


Solar Service

We provide solar service and maintenance for residential, commercial, and off grid solar. Learn more.


Solar Backup Battery Storage

We are a certified Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRcell installer in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. Learn more.


Net Zero Offices

Creative Energies' offices in Wyoming and Salt Lake City are both zero net energy. In Salt Lake, we have converted a former print shop to be a modern and energy efficient office and warehouse. Lighting upgrades, improved insulation and a 25kW solar power system combine to allow this 50 year old building to provide all of its own electricity.

Our office in Lander, WY is entirely zero net energy thanks to an efficient and passive solar design, a ground source heat pump for heating and cooling, a solar hot water system and a 3kW solar PV system. This allows the building to produce more energy than it uses annually. Water conservation and a healthy indoor environment are top priorities in our buildings.


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