Giving Back

Giving back and participating in our communities is important to Creative Energies. We support local nonprofits that engage in renewable energy advocacy, environmental and social justice, and causes that reflect our team members' passion for the outdoors.

You too can participate. You can choose to donate your referral rewards to the Honnold Foundation. Learn more about our referral program, and how you can earn by referring your friends to us.

Creative Energies is proud to support the Honnold Foundation as the beneficiary of our Give Back Program.

For every solar array Creative Energies installs, we donate to the Honnold Foundation's solar energy grants.

With their work providing grants to organizations advancing solar energy, the Honnold Foundation aligns with Creative Energies' vision to inspire healthy communities through innovative energy choices. The Honnold Foundation chose to partner with Creative Energies because of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of energy generation, our desire to increase social and economic equity, and our strong ties to the communities we serve.

Your solar energy project can help make a positive impact in your life, your community, and worldwide with the Honnold Foundation.

Thank you for going solar for good!

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The Honnold Foundation

The Honnold Foundation provides grants to organizations advancing solar energy access all over the world. They look for partners whose work reduces environmental impact, increases social and economic equity, and demonstrates a strong tie to the communities they serve. No matter who you are, they believe that energy should be easy to access, affordable, and have a low impact on the natural world.

The Honnold Foundation envisions a world where all people have equal access to opportunity and live in balance with the environment. They believe in solar as a proven, environmentally sound solution to global energy poverty, and award grants to community organizations whose projects are innovative, equity-focused, and have the potential to shift the narrative on what’s possible for energy access worldwide.

The Honnold Foundation was founded by professional rock climber Alex Honnold in 2012. At the time, Alex was living in his car (a Ford Econoline van, retrofitted with a bed and storage), climbing all over the United States and, increasingly, the world. After expeditions to Chad and Borneo, he returned home and spent hours hunched over his laptop, researching carbon offsets, environmental activism, energy access, and charitable giving.

In the end, Alex decided to focus his giving on solar energy because it’s tangible and universally effective. Solar energy can bring light to a single family in Malawi by powering a lantern, or it can transform the resilience and sustainability of an entire city at a utility-scale. The Honnold Foundation does most of its work somewhere in between— supporting community-scale projects that increase climate resilience, bolster social and economic equity, reduce environmental impact, and improve people's lives.

Learn more about the Honnold Foundation.

Shared Values


The Honnold Foundation believes that small, deliberate steps can help them achieve audacious goals.

Creative Energies couldn't agree more that we can all achieve audacious goals through small, deliberate steps. Whether it's scaling a mountain by placing one foot in front of the other or making meaningful progress on tackling the impending challenges of climate change, it all starts with small, intentional action steps and grows from there.

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CE Community Partners

Creative Energies works closely with local partners that advocate for the environment and community in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

We work with advocates for renewable energy to support a healthy and clean environment.

We actively support nonprofit and public interest groups focused on combatting the negative effects of climate change.

Creative Energies is proud to support and work with these community and environmental groups:

Utah Clean Energy


Sierra Club Utah Chapter

Wyoming Outdoor Council

Powder River Basin Resource Council

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