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At Creative Energies, your satisfaction is our top priority. You will be informed about all aspects of your energy investment, as you become a vital part of our healthy solar communities in Utah and Wyoming. As a Certified B Corp, you can feel glad to work with a company who strives to exemplify progressive business practices while advocating for local and regional renewable energy policies and education. Discover the benefits of collaborating with a company that values your well-being and the sustainability of our environment. You have a trusted solar partner in Creative Energies.

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Solar For Good

Become part of a movement where business is a force for positive change, you prioritize the environment, society, and the economy, going beyond mere profitability. By working with us, you align yourself with a company that shares your commitment to making a meaningful impact on the environment and each other. Together, let's create a better future where business serves the greater good.

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NABCEP Certified Solar

At Creative Energies, work with certified solar experts. Benefit from our expertise as solar industry professionals, where our team members hold North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) credentials. You are invited to experience the assurance that comes with working alongside seasoned solar experts who are dedicated to delivering top-quality photovoltaic (PV) energy systems.

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Our History

20 Years of Solar Experience

Creative Energies began in 2000 with founders, Andy Tyson and Scott Kane, as they collaborated on possible solutions that would address climate change. Motivated by worsening regional air quality and our country's unbudging dependence on oil, Andy and Scott, former environmental educators with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), knew it was time to start something that could contribute to meaningful change. In March of 2001, they launched a renewable energy installation business called Creative Energies.

At the end of the 20th century, great advancements had been achieved in renewable technologies. Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power achieved incredible leaps in efficiency, cost, and reliability. Although these technologies were on the rise, competent renewable energy providers were scarce. Scott and Andy, with the addition of Toby Schmidt, a fellow NOLS instructor, dove into the training and gained valuable experience installing renewable energy projects for residential homes, commercial buildings, and public organizations.

In the first eight years of business, Creative Energies offered services in many forms of renewable energy; solar for mountain cabins, wind power for remote ranches, solar hot water heating, passive solar home design, ground source heat pumps, and micro-hydroelectric systems. If it reduced conventional fuel use, it was a good thing.

Since then we have narrowed our focus solely on solar energy. The scope of our solar installation work expands to residential, commercial, and public facilities as well as off grid solar power for stand-alone projects. We are a focused, dynamic company with offices in Utah and Wyoming. Our steady growth in the solar energy market has extended our areas of operation throughout the Rocky Mountain West.

Net Zero Energy Offices

Creative Energies' offices in Lander, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah are completely net zero. In Salt Lake City, you can see the transformation of a former print shop into a modern, energy-efficient office and warehouse. Utilization of lighting upgrades, improved insulation, and a 23 kW solar power system enable this 50-year-old building to generate its own electricity. While natural gas supplements winter heating, the office operates with your energy values in mind. Meanwhile, our office in Lander, a 70-year-old ranch house, achieves zero net energy. With an energy-efficient design, a ground-source heat pump for heating and cooling, a solar hot water system, and a 4 kW solar PV system, this building actually produces more energy than it consumes annually. We prioritize water conservation and cultivating a healthy indoor environment, ensuring that both your sustainability values are reflected by our place of work.

Community of Solar Craftspeople

Creative Energies cares deeply about you and the work we do. Our dedicated team is here to guide you in making well-informed decisions about your energy choices. Together, we strive to preserve the health and beauty of our shared world. Let us empower you on your sustainable energy journey.

At Creative Energies, we understand the significance of giving back and actively participating in our communities. That's why we proudly support local nonprofits that champion renewable energy advocacy, environmental and social justice, and causes close to our team members' hearts. By choosing us, you help to bring our solar community closer together. Let's make a positive impact in the communities we cherish.

In Memoriam

Creative Energies suffered a tragic loss in April of 2015 when three employees, including one of the company’s founders and owners, were killed in a small plane crash in central Idaho. The pilot of the plane also perished. Rusty Cheney, AJ Linnell, and Andy Tyson all worked in Creative Energies’ Idaho office. Andy was one of the business’ founders and owners. They died in the course of their work, visiting a remote ranch to plan a solar power system.

All three of these men chose to work in solar energy for reasons of principle. Each found purpose and reward in helping people and businesses to choose renewable sources for their energy needs. Rusty used his mechanical engineering background and warmth of personality to help customers navigate technical questions to make values-based decisions. AJ may have been the most experienced solar installer in the Northern Rockies. He brought a level of craftsmanship to solar work rarely seen in this new field and set the standard for our newer installers. Andy’s spirit of adventure and ambition led Creative Energies, and perhaps more broadly, the whole community, in real progress toward expanded use of renewable energy in our region.


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Andy Tyson

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