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Creative Energies provides both grid-tied solar and off-grid solar maintenance and service on all renewable energy systems. We provide service to all facets fo the community, such as homeowners, businesses, and public organizations. With over 20 years of solar installation experience, we are able to perfrom service and maintenance on any solar setup. Even if your system was installed by another company, we are here to help! Our Service team members are NABCEP certified solar technicians and licensed electricians.

CE Solar troubleshoots solutions and maintenance throughout the intermountain west, including Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. We are solar designers, builders, and mechanics. A remarkable variety of solar projects that puzzle others, ranging from solar farms and supermarkets to residential homes and remote ranches, we live for. When your energy system is on the line, CE Solar's team of certified designers, electricians, and installers are the team to trust.

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Residential Solar Operations & Maintenance

Is your system producing at its optimal capacity? Are your panels and inverters functioning at their full potential?

Whether you are an existing Creative Energies customer or your solar system was installed by someone else, we're here to help with proactive and reactive solar Operations and Maintenance services.

  • Solar system inspections
  • Solar performance testing and evaluation
  • Solar internet & remote solar monitoring services
  • Solar system diagnostics
  • Solar operations & management (Solar O and M)
  • Replacement of broken solar panels (although rare, panels sometimes break with tree damage or other errant flying objects)

Solar Deinstall and Reinstall for Reroofing

Did a windstorm tear shingles off your roof or are you about to install a new roof?

Our Creative Energies Service Department offers professional deinstall and reinstall services to remove your solar system from your roof. When the roofers replace the roof, we reinstall your solar power system and ensure it is functioning properly. We do solar panel removal and then reinstall solar panels while coordinating all of the details with your roofer.

Solar Monitoring Service

Not sure if your solar monitoring is connected?

If you have solar monitoring questions, our Creative Energies Service Team can help. We can reconnect solar monitoring systems, remote access solar system monitoring, and follow up with further problem-solving.

Commercial Solar Service & Maintenance

Creative Energies provides solar service and maintenance for commercial arrays. If you are a small or large business, nonprofit, religious organization, ranch, farm, or government organization that has questions or needs help with your solar project, our Service Team can provide solar solutions. Even if your solar system was installed by another company, Creative Energies can help you now with any issues that arise for your solar care.

  • Solar system inspections for commercial projects
  • Solar performance testing and evaluation for commercial-scale projects
  • Solar internet & remote solar monitoring services for commercial projects
  • Solar system diagnostics for commercial projects
  • Solar operations and management (Solar O & M)

Off Grid Solar Service & Maintenance

When off grid power is your primary means for energy production, ensuring your system is working optimally is paramount. Our team offers annual, bi-annual, or quarterly maintenance agreements to help maintain off grid system functionality. We'll perform a thorough, on-site inspection of your system to determine the best maintenance strategy for you. Whether your system was originally installed by Creative Energies or by another company, we are here to work with you in keeping your system optimized and operational.

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"We really can't say enough good things about how Ethan and Kellen helped to diagnose the problem, and then worked to the solution until they had a resolution. They were easy and consistent to communicate with and were very professional in showing up when scheduled, and explaining what needed to happen . . . It was very nice to get everything sorted as quickly as they did so that we can harvest the sweet sun that's out right now." - Michelle and Rob Kirschner

Tips for Verifying Solar Performance and Solar Panel Maintenance

Regularly monitoring your system can ensure it is working properly and allows you to see how much electricity (kilowatt-hours) your array is producing.

  • Check your monitoring system (likely SolarEdge or Enlighten) online from your computer or via your phone app
  • Look for and clear debris (snow, tree branches, and leaves can affect energy output)
  • Inspect your inverter (if you see a red light or suspect something may be wrong, contact us)
  • Watch your electric bills for unexpected increases in billing
  • Check the weather (solar modules do work on cloudier days, but when it's overcast, your modules will have some reduction in energy output)

Contact Creative Energies for service needs or maintenance checks at or 866.332.3410

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