Laramie Trihydro Solar System

Laramie, WY

“It was a pleasure to work with Creative Energies’ staff on our 27kW photovoltaic solar installation and we are very pleased with the project outcome and performance.” –Keith Rittle, Senior Geologist, Trihydro

Goal to Reduce Carbon Footprint with Solar

Trihydro is a national environmental engineering firm headquartered in Laramie, WY. They built a state-of-the-art facility for their headquarters utilizing highly energy-efficient equipment, high recycled content materials, and extensive water savings strategies. When they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint yet further, they contacted Creative Energies.

The Creative Energies Solution

Creative Energies worked with Trihydro to develop a solar system plan that fit the look of the site and maximized energy production. A ground-mounted system with a high tilt angle was chosen to optimize solar generation. Creative Energies helped Trihydro submit a successful USDA REAP grant which served to offset 25% of the project cost.

The System

  • 98 LG Electronics 280 watt solar modules. DC system capacity of 27.4 kW
  • SolarEdge P600 optimizers and inverters
  • AET Rayport-G ground mount at a 30-degree tilt
  • Concrete block on grade foundations

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