Yancey Residence

Sheridan, WY

Customer Comment:

"Creative Energies did an outstanding job of evaluating, designing/costing, and installing my 2.8 kW grid tied solar power system. They patiently walked me through what they could provide without the hype that typically comes with new technology. And when I caused a 7 month delay in the installation (out of state over winter), they said if there is a savings in equipment cost it would be passed back to me. True to their word, a $2,000 savings allowed for a 20% bigger system (future need) and monitoring via the internet. Creative Energies' work on my solar panel power system left me with a big grin on my face."

The Challenge:

Craig and Eula Yancey live in a modern home in a neighborhood of Sheridan, Wyoming. Their objective was to reduce or eliminate electric energy costs and to reduce the environmental impact resulting from electric generation.

The Creative Energies Solution:

The Yancey's installed efficient appliances and lighting in their new home, knowing that it would allow them to install a smaller solar power system and ultimately recoup some of the cost. They contacted Creative Energies and together we developed a plan for a PV system that would meet their goals and needs. During the landscaping of the new home, Creative Energies supplied guidance on how they could strategically position their new trees so as to keep the potential shading of the system at a minimum. The Yancey's are currently producing substantially more electricity than they consume on an annual basis.

The System:

  • 2.8 kW grid connected solar power system
  • 12 Sharp 230W modules
  • SMA Inverter & eGauge web-based monitoring

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