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Today solar panels cost much less and produce more energy than ever before. We consistently offer commercial customers Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho the best solar investment in the industry with a return on investment of 3 to 5 years. Installing solar on your facility will greatly reduce your electricity costs, forever reducing your utility expenses.
​Creative Energies provides you with an in-depth look at your energy consumption to identify areas where savings are possible. Our technical sales team will show you how reducing consumption and installing a solar system will not only reduce operating expenses, but generate great publicity with your current and potential clientele.
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Why Creative Energies?

When you have a big job, you want a team of experienced installers to do the job right the first time. With a 25 year panel warranty and a much longer expected lifespan, your commercial solar array is a nearly permanent structure. Your solar energy system requires little to no maintenance when installed correctly. We double and triple check our systems so you have a hassle free solar experience. Creative Energies is one of the longest standing solar companies nation wide. We are the experienced installer that will provide you with years and years of trouble-free, clean solar energy.

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Savings and ROI

Energy bills can be one of the largest operational expenses for any business. A solar energy system will offset these expenses by producing your own energy.

Commercial solar has the fastest return on investment in the industry. A typical solar energy system has a 3 to 5 year ROI in many areas. With a 25 year panel warranty and a much longer life expectancy, you’re guaranteed to see this system pay for itself several times over. 

Federal and State Incentives

The federal government provides a Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The credit is equal to 30% of expenditures, with no maximum credit.

Every state has their own incentives. Utah has a commercial solar tax credit of 10% of the full system cost, up to a $50,000 credit. These incentives are always changing. Check with our technical sales teams to find the most up to date incentives in your area.

PPA, Lease and Financing

We offer several different ways to go solar without the upfront costs of a traditional purchase. Between our power purchase agreement, leasing and financing options we can find the right way to set your business up with a plan that works best for you.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Set your business apart from the rest. Consumers today care about an environmentally friendly business. Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect to consider when planning your business future. At the volume that businesses use energy, a commercial solar system saves hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2 gasses from our atmosphere. Your free solar estimate will show you exactly how much pollution your business cut. Our staff will quantify both the financial benefits and the greenhouse gas emission reductions of any solar power system we propose.

Commercial Solar Stories

Publik Coffee, Salt Lake City, UT

“What we loved about working with Creative Energies was that they stuck with us. They were so patient, even though our budget and timing were all over the place. Toby and Mike were amazing. They did all the paperwork. They showed up on time. They worked with our budget. They went above and beyond to make it work for us. It was really a pleasant, easy experience.”


Commercial Off Grid Solar Energy

Off Grid solar energy for your business typically requires the most creativity. Our certified engineers are the most experienced in designing energy systems that meet the needs of your business. From Alaska to Antartica, Creative Energies can design a unique commercial off grid solar system.


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