Griswold Yurt

Tetons, WY

Customer Comment:

"Congrats to my friends at @creativeenergies recertifying their B-Corp status! They made one perfect clever living-off-the-grid solar system for my home without taking up any square footage (which matters in a tiny yurt!!!). It’s been a hugely dependable rig. They make knowing and learning about watts and volts fun! I love the way the folks at this Rocky Mountain based endeavor seek to educate as well as provide an awesome system. I know more about watts and volts than I ever thought I would. Thank you guys! And congrats! Solar power to the people!" - Megan Griswold

About the Project:

Creative Energies installed a 2.0 kW transportable, off grid solar energy system for Megan Griswold's mountain yurt in Kelly, Wyoming. Functioning as a home and mountain retreat, the yurt can now be powered year-round, during the winter and summer months. Yurt life has never been so good! Now Megan's home is minimalist and elegant, old-world meets digital-era.

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