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Creative Energies provides years of solar expertise to Laramie Wyoming for homeowners, businesses, and organizations. From solar installation quoting to solar design and installation to service and maintenance, we are masters of our renewable energy craft while representing honesty and authenticity. Our team brings their expertise to optimize and customize your solar project.

Our 20 years in the solar business in the equality state means we care about our community, making us your Wyoming solar expert installers and designers.

Solar for Good

Creative Energies uses the solar industry as a force for positive change. We are a Certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation) that cares deeply about the environment, our community, and our customers. We were founded on a belief in a future powered by renewable energy. The vision at Creative Energies is to inspire healthy communities through innovative energy choices. We work closely with local nonprofits to advocate for renewable energy policies and we take pride in helping customers make well-considered decisions about solar choices.

We practice what we preach by operating out of net-zero energy offices that utilize energy-efficient passive solar designs, and photovoltaic systems. Many of our team members have solar panels on their own homes. Creative Energies is devoted to the mountain towns in which we work, live, and play.

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What We Do at Creative Energies

Laramie Residential Solar

If you're looking for a solar contractor for your home in Laramie, Creative Energies can walk you through each step of the process. We are experienced residential home solar installers and will turn your Laramie home solar project into reality. Learn more about Residential Solar.

Laramie Commercial Solar

We design and install Laramie commercial solar energy solutions for businesses, small-scale shared utilities, and nonprofit organizations in Laramie. We consistently offer commercial customers the best solar investment in the industry. Installing solar on your facility will greatly reduce your electricity costs, forever reducing your operating expenses, and provide opportunities to boost property asset value. We have installed commercial solar for the City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Centers and for Tryihydro. Our 20 years of solar experience can help your business's sustainability with a Laramie commercial solar array. Learn more about Commercial Solar.

Laramie Off Grid Solar

Our solar experts will determine the optimal solar setup for your off grid home, cabin, yurt, or other needs in Southeastern Wyoming. We will design and install your off grid solar array to best suit your property needs. We design and build systems from tiny remote water level sensing controls to off-grid lodges to rural water pumping. Learn more about Off Grid Solar.

Laramie Battery Backup

Creative Energies is a proud certified Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRcell installer in Wyoming. Powerwall and PWRcell charge during the day when solar panels are producing more electricity than the home is consuming and then they store the excess energy until you need it. Even when the grid goes down, with solar and storage you can continue to power your home. Learn more about Battery Backup.

Laramie Service and Maintenace for Solar

If your solar array in Laramie requires service or maintenance, the team at Creative Energies is here to help. We provide service to solar arrays installed by Creative Energies and for projects that were not installed by us too. We can service residential solar, service commercial solar, and service off grid solar. Learn more about Solar Service & Maintenance.

Referral Program

Refer someone to Creative Energies and you can earn $400 plus make a difference. If you believe in the benefits of solar to protect the environment with the added benefit of saving money, we reward customers who spread the word! We offer $400 when someone goes solar with us or if you prefer, your referral can be directed to our Give Back Program partnership with the Honnold Foundation solar energy grants. Learn more about our Referral Rewards Program.

Giving Back in the Community

Giving back and participating in our communities is incredibly important to Creative Energies. We support local nonprofits that engage in renewable energy advocacy, environmental and social justice, and causes that reflect our team members' passion for the outdoors. Creative Energies is proud to support The Honnold Foundation as the beneficiary of our Give Back Program. For every residential solar array we install, our Give Back program donates to the Honnold Foundation solar energy grants. Learn more about our Give Back Program.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have about solar and can provide a free quote for your project!

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Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center solar installation and construction.

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