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Utah Solar Incentives

Now is a great time to go solar in Utah! There are federal solar incentives, Utah state-level solar incentives, and often community-based programs. These can change quickly and our team will help you navigate the latest solar updates to capture the best value for your project.

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Federal Solar Incentives

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is valued at 26% of your total solar power system cost through 2022 for residential and commercial properties. This means that you'll receive a tax credit of 26% of your system's cost. This credit is used when residential homeowners or commercial businesses purchase solar systems and have them installed.

If you add a battery backup like the Tesla Powerwall to your solar system, it also qualifies for the Federal Income Tax Credit of 26 percent.

The Solar ITC will phase down every year: the Solar ITC drops to 22% in 2023; then, in 2024 the residential solar tax credit will be phased out and the commercial tax credit will drop to 10%. So take advantage of this Solar ITC now!

Utah Solar Incentives


The Utah Solar Tax Credit (or the Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit) will cover up to 25% of the purchase and installation cost for residential photovoltaic (PV) projects or a capped dollar amount which will be phased down over the next few years.

25% capped at $1,200 until 12/31/21

25% capped at $800 until 12/31/22

25% capped at $400 until 12/31/23


For installations of commercial buildings, the tax credit is refundable and is calculated as 10 percent of the eligible system cost or $50,000, whichever is less. The tax credit amount is calculated the same for all eligible renewable energy technologies.”

Utah tax credit expires in 2024

Local Utah Community Solar Programs

At this time there isn't a local community solar program in Utah, but more towns are going #SolarForGood with clean energy commitments and Creative Energies has worked on several community-sponsored solar programs in the past. We closely follow and advocate for renewable energy policies and programs, so we'll keep you updated.

You should check with a tax adviser to make sure you can claim the entire value of solar tax credit(s).

You could save thousands on your solar power system, but these incentives won't last forever!

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