20th Anniversary

Creative Energies 20th Anniversary

Creative Energies turned 20 in 2021! We want to thank our solar circle for your ongoing support and commitment to building a renewable energy future. Together, we have made a positive impact in our communities and have much to celebrate!

Creative Energies 20 Plus Years of Renewables

Starting in 2001 with founders Scott Kane and Andy Tyson, with co-owner Toby Schmidt joining soon after, Creative Energies was dedicated to providing clean energy options to overcome climate change. In our early years, we provided solar, wind, and hydroelectric systems. By 2010, solar technology surpassed the others to best meet our customers' goals and we now specialize in expert grid tied and off grid solar.

20 Years of Solar for Good

Over the last 20 years, Creative Energies has installed over 23,357 kW of solar for our customers across Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and beyond! This means the over 1,200 grid tied residential and commercial projects in addition to more than 70 off grid projects have generated 30,612,788 kWh annually. Put another way, our customers' solar arrays annually offset:

  • 510,213 trees planted
  • 12,704 tons of coal
  • 31,531,172 miles driven in a car

2021 In Review

Looking back at a big year for us and the world, here are some highlights of what we accomplished at Creative Energies:

  • Hit our 20th Anniversary and look forward to turning 21 in ‘22 (stay tuned for celebrations)
  • Grew our team substantially so that we can do more and do it better
  • Completed more residential, commercial, and service projects than any previous year in CE history
  • Started our internal Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) team with the mission to make Creative Energies a microcosm of the world we want to live in.
  • Continued to make progress on preparing for our next B Corp recertification in 2023

Looking Forward to 2022

We welcome 2022 feeling refreshed after taking time off work for the holidays with family and friends. Today we look forward to a productive year ahead with many residential and commercial customer projects already scheduled to join us in solar generation.

Our commitment to building a future powered by renewable energy remains strong. We see 2022 as a pivotal year for Creative Energies. We have built and grown the right team that shares a deep passion for the environment, our community, and our customers.

The world needs people, companies, and organizations that can build a clean energy economy and we hope that more will join us in Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. Looking forward to 2022, we invite you to grow our solar community and help us craft a renewable energy future together.

Referral Rewards

Looking to amplify your solar impact in 2022? It might be as easy as sharing your solar experience with a friend and recommending they take the first step to get a free estimate for their home or business.

Our Referral Rewards Program aims to celebrate and thank those who recommend a friend, neighbor, family member, or colleague to go solar for good with Creative Energies. When we complete a residential or commercial solar energy project that was referred to us, that referral qualifies for our $400 Residential Reward, or if the project is over 24 kW in size, they qualify for a $1,000 Commercial Reward!

If you recommend someone to Creative Energies, let them know to give us your name so you can qualify for the Referral Reward. Once the project is completed, we will reach out about how you would like to receive your reward, either as a check made out to you directly, or there is the option of donating it to our Give Back Program that supports solar energy grants through the Honnold Foundation.

2022 Here We Come!

We look forward to tackling the year ahead with you and our fellow solar ambassadors. Here's to a bright and renewable 2022!


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at or give us a call at 866.332.3410.

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