4 Energy-Efficient Strategies for Your Business

Businesses across many industries use electricity to power their operations. Workplace equipment, including office computers, industrial shredders, and commercial dishwashers, consumes power. Luckily, companies can adjust their workspace to maintain productive business practices while following an energy-efficient business model. Check out these energy-efficient strategies for your business so you can find the most effective path forward.

Power the Office With Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is one way to make your business more energy efficient. Solar power makes businesses more self-sufficient, enabling them to take advantage of the sun’s power to stay productive. Commercial solar panels help businesses save money throughout the year by reducing electrical bills. They may become less efficient if you don’t clean them, but it’s not a time-consuming process. For example, our commercial solar services at Creative Energies include installation and maintenance, so your solar panels will work efficiently all year round.

Prepare an Energy Audit

Getting an energy consumption audit is an effective energy-efficient strategy for your business. Contact a reputable energy expert in your area who can visit your office and evaluate your energy output. An energy audit gives businesses a closer look at how much energy they consume and why. Then, the business owners can strategize ways to reduce energy use. Consider setting energy output benchmarks each month to track your energy consumption and adjust the strategy for the best results.

Provide Employees With Energy-Efficient Equipment

One takeaway from your energy audit will be how your equipment affects electricity consumption. You can reduce energy consumption and support employee needs by replacing office equipment with Energy Star alternatives. This office equipment includes printers and monitors, but it’s not the only hardware you can replace with greener alternatives. Look for the Energy Star rating on commercial dishwashers, freezers, and vending machines.

Install LED Lights in the Office

An easy but effective way to prioritize energy efficiency in the workplace is by installing LED light bulbs. Using LEDs over incandescent bulbs can reduce your company’s energy consumption by nearly 100 percent! This leads to a longer lifespan for lightbulbs and a greener way to illuminate the office.

You can reduce energy consumption further by taking advantage of natural lighting. If the office has windows that provide natural light during the day, open the blinds to illuminate the office so you can keep the lights off until they’re necessary. Assess your business to see how you can use solar panels and sustainable methods to encourage greener workplace habits.

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