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5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Go Solar!

Even though the days are shorter and the sun is at times obscured by clouds, winter is the best time to move forward with that solar energy system you have always dreamed of. This winter in particular is full of reasons why mid-December is the most advantageous time to work with Creative Energies, planning your spring solar system. Check our reasons below:

  1. Timing - Since we prefer to have a healthy pipeline of projects with well thought out design and established permitting, it can take up to two months to install a solar system with Creative Energies. So, if you start the process in the winter, your system will be scheduled for early spring which means that it will be ready to start generating renewable energy via solar.
  2. Measuring Winter Consumption - With more homes pushing toward electrical heating systems, winter usage will rival peak grid-tied consumption seen in mid-summer when AC units are depended on to stay comfortable. Same with heat pumps, if you already have or plan on switching to a heat pump, a solar system will offset that seasonal peak consumption. The benefit of thinking about solar this time of year is it gives you a chance to really assess your consumption, so the most accurate system can be constructed to serve you the best way possible.
  3. Incentives are Better than Ever - This winter in particular is a great time to go solar in 2023. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, tax credits for system costs were expanded to 30% and extended to 2032 without a decrease. Grants are available through Rocky Mountain Power and the USDA. We’ve seen our customers, who qualify, receive up to 50% of installation costs. Additionally, a recent study showed that solar panels are now cheaper than ever. We can help you see what you qualify for.
  4. Holiday Promotions - This time of year, you can save even more on your system costs by taking advantage of holiday promotions. For example, this year, in 2022, anyone who signs up to go solar with Creative Energies before the end of the year will get $1000 off.
  5. Particulate and Emission Pollution is Worse - It is worth committing to solar when a dependence on fossil fuels is visibly apparent. “While industrial emissions remain mostly constant throughout the year, particulate matter and carbon monoxide pollutants from wood burning increase during the cold winter months. Idling cars to defrost or keep them warm increases the amount of air pollution as well.” (UCAR Center for Science Education) One step toward lessening your carbon footprint using solar energy is a milestone.

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