4 Tips to Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency

It’s no secret that we all depend on electricity to carry out our daily tasks; that said, it’s not always easy to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Installing solar panels is an excellent way to supplement or support your household’s electricity needs, but that doesn’t mean they work perfectly all the time. Whether you have an on-grid or off-grid system, follow along for a few helpful tips for maximizing solar panel efficiency.

Reduce Shade Around the Solar Panels

Because solar panels operate on sunlight, you should try to reduce the amount of shade nearby. For instance, trees, bushes, and other structures might be blocking direct sunlight from hitting your panels. While you might not have anything blocking them right now, keep in mind that plants and trees grow continuously. As a result, they may grow to block direct sunlight within a few months. Keep an eye on the sun’s path to ensure your solar panels’ optimal efficiency.

Install a Backup Battery

Installing a backup battery is one of the best ways to ensure you have power no matter what. Without this battery, you’ll only have electricity during direct sunlight hours if you have an off-grid system. However, backup batteries store extra power from the panels for you to use on gloomy days or at night.

Angle Them Properly

Solar panels should get as much sun exposure throughout the day as possible; therefore, their angle matters. In an ideal installation, they would face the south. Furthermore, most panels should be at a 30- to 45-degree angle for optimal performance. The ideal angle may change with the seasons, but a professional should be able to determine what angle provides the most sun exposure to your panels.

Work With the Right Company

Solar panels are a large investment, and you should work with a reputable company to ensure they last and perform according to your standards and expectations. The best solar companies provide high-quality materials and knowledgeable installations. Additionally, full-service solar businesses may offer basic maintenance and solar panel repairsfor their customers.

Hopefully, these tips for maximizing solar panel efficiency will help you make the most of your step toward reducing your dependency on the power grid. The sun is the most natural power source, and solar panels are the most efficient way to channel its electricity.

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