An Essential Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance

From saving money to relying on green energy, the reasons to install solar panels are numerous. However, it’s understandable to be so focused on the installation of your panels that you overlook the upkeep. Forward thinking is a great trait to use regarding solar power. Although solar panels are typically low-maintenance pieces of equipment, there are still steps owners should take to ensure a great experience in the long run.

To ensure you’re ready to care for your solar hardware, we’ve put together an essential guide to solar panel maintenance. Keep reading to discover how you can keep your solar panels productive and clean for a long time instead of letting them quickly lose their performance ability.

Perform Routine Cleaning

In rain or shine, solar panels continue to produce power for households and businesses. That said, certain factors—such as dirt buildup—can reduce the efficiency of your energy production. Solar panels can also boost curb appeal for your building because of their sleek, modern design that creates a unique visual appeal. However, if those panels get too dirty or worn, then they will lose this appeal.

Luckily, the top benefit of routine solar panel cleaning is that you will retain the system’s efficiency and aesthetic. How efficient solar panels are relates to how effectively they absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity. When too much gunk is covering the surface of the panels, their ability to productively complete their job is quickly hindered. Regular cleaning prevents this issue and ensures continual curb appeal.

Contract Debris Removal

As we mentioned, many materials in the air can wind up on the surface of your solar panels. For example, dust in the air can build up on the surface of the panels over time and reduce their productivity. In addition, debris left over from storms, such as leaves, can reduce your solar system’s ability to accurately consume the sun’s UV rays. You can usually swiftly brush away materials like tree branches and ice, but sometimes professional assistance is necessary for a comprehensive cleanup.

The good news is that solar panel cleaning isn’t something a homeowner or business owner must complete on their own. Instead, they can typically turn to the installation team for assistance, though experience may vary. At Creative Energies, we offer both installation and maintenance for a comprehensive experience for the customer. Upkeep is important, but it shouldn’t be inconvenient, so we use our knowledge of the system and solar as a whole to keep everything in great condition. If you notice a reduced energy output from your system, talk to an expert who can visit your home and assess your panels. Plus, as we’ll discuss below, debris and dirt aren’t the only reasons to inspect solar panels over time.

Inspect Backup Batteries

When scheduling solar system inspections, or even looking over the system yourself, never neglect the backup batteries. This is critical to remember because it’s easy to neglect backup batteries if you haven’t needed to use them yet.

If you haven’t touched them, then the batteries should be in fine condition, right? Possibly, but this might not be the case. You don’t want to be left without power if your main system fails and the backup batteries fail to kick in. Therefore, have a specialist look at your batteries to ensure everything is in working order when you need to finally use them.

Know How To Address Repairs

Unfortunately, outside elements can cause damage to your solar system beyond dirt buildup. Flying debris in the air can break panels, and wiring is susceptible to harm. The solar system contains various additional components that can also sustain damage, such as the inverter. Plus, as we mentioned, some business owners and homeowners opt for a backup battery, which could stop working.

Thankfully, you can have an expert inspect the panels and overall system for signs of damage. For example, at Creative Energies, we offer a solar panel maintenance service to ensure your system remains in great condition after installation. Even if you need a full system replacement, we can help you get it done.

So how often should you have an expert assess your system? Try to schedule routine cleaning around two to four times a year and a full inspection once a year. That said, if you ever think something is wrong with the system, don’t hesitate to contact an expert. Even if your solar panels have only been around for a week, call someone if they aren’t functioning correctly.

Understand How To Troubleshoot Problems

Sometimes, it isn’t always clear why something is wrong with your solar panels. They may not look broken or dirty, and yet they don’t deliver the energy output that they should. This is why solar panel troubleshooting is critical for solar panel maintenance. You shouldn’t just assume that you must settle for reduced performance. After all, a key reason homeowners and business owners turn to solar is that it is an efficient, eco-friendly alternative energy source. Without competitive efficiency, problems and frustrations can arise for home and business owners.

However, handling problems with a setup that is new for a home or business owner can seem daunting and stressful. You should not have to go through extensive troubleshooting yourself. The most efficient solution is to have an expert come by to assist. Even if you complete routine cleaning several times a year, contact a solar panel specialist to troubleshoot problems if you want to retain maximum efficiency. In the end, exploring mysterious issues beyond visible grime and damage is a key component of solar panel maintenance.


Suffice it to say that there is a lot to discuss about solar panel maintenance. That said, these systems are low-maintenance designs that provide a powerful performance. With minimal upkeep, you can maintain a solar panel system for your home or business that keeps you powered while reducing your environmental impact.

Going green doesn’t mean losing convenient access to electricity. Don’t hesitate to refer to this essential guide to solar panel maintenance anytime you need pointers to proceed with solar panel problems. You can always use the information above to keep your system as productive as possible all year round.

An Essential Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance

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