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Are You Thinking of Going Solar? Watch out for these Red Flags!

Get solar done right the first time and find the best solar installer in Utah and Wyoming! Unfortunately, not all solar companies have your best interests in mind. Making choices regarding your energy usage is important and should not be taken lightly. We at Creative Energies understand that contracting a solar system is a large undertaking for the person receiving it, and we deeply respect that. If you’re in the market for solar installation, look out for these red flags to avoid any possible problems.

  1. High Pressure Solar Sales Approach

    Look out for companies who are going door-to-door selling solar. Don't let these solar companies hassle you! These companies often hire salespeople to go door-to-door on a commission basis. In most cases, these door-to-door solar salespeople are not solar experts and won’t be able to speak at length about solar technology and the specifics of how it can work for you. We have never and will never go door-to-door.

  2. Companies that Don’t Perform the Solar Installation Themselves

    Some companies are purely made up of a sales force who subcontract the construction to a solar contractor. This is especially problematic due to the fact that the design of the system and the execution of it are handled by separate entities. It is best to purchase the solar materials and cost of installation through the same company to ensure that your system is built and is performing optimally–the way you want it to! Creative Energies handles every aspect of the solar installation process.

  3. False Solar Production Claims

    We have noticed other companies report energy production estimates that are inaccurate, often using old net metering data to portray a quicker “pay off” than what is true. This false data sets customers up with inaccurate expectations of how their system will perform over time, leading to understandable frustration.

  4. Deceptive Solar Incentive Ads

    I’m sure you’ve seen them online, ads claiming that solar installation is completely free because the government will pay for all of it. These ads use deceptive language to bend the truth on the very real grant funding opportunities and tax incentives that are out there. While government incentives and grants may account for a large portion of installation costs, by no means will “the government pay you to go solar.”

  5. Lack of Tenure in the Solar Industry

    If a solar company offers a lifetime warranty but has not been in business for more than two years, be wary. While we cannot speak to a company’s potential longevity or their financial situation, we have helped customers with solar repairs when their original installer has since gone out of business after only being in business for a short amount of time. Make sure to look into how long a company has been in business, and check their “About Us” section on their website. Make sure they talk about their solar experience and why they work in renewables in the first place. The longer a solar company has been in business, the more likely they are to have tenure in the field with happy customers to show for it. As for Creative Energies, we have been in business for over 21 years.

  6. Rushing System Installation

    Solar Installations require thoughtful planning to execute correctly. Factors, such as site planning, permitting, scheduling, and safety, require full consideration for a successful renewable energy system. Some companies claim that they are able to install solar systems in under a month. Additionally, the system will need to be inspected and approved; a rushed installation is liable to have mistakes. If a company could complete an install in one month, that can mean they have no other customers in line and they are desperate for any new business to keep them afloat.

  7. Misleading Solar System Financing

    We have seen proposals by other companies that artificially make the interest rate appear super low by jacking up the install price. The return on investment is much poorer than other, more transparent financing options. Creative Energies has partnered with Clean Energy Credit Union for several years to provide honest financing for those looking to go solar. Bottom line: any financing rate that you see under 5% is likely artificially diminished.

Unfortunately, blatant deceptions such as the ones listed above are common in the solar industry. In the end, companies that exhibit these red flags are more than likely just trying to get the sale rather than building a quality solar system for the customer. In our own experience, we have been adopting solar systems abandoned by their installers. We have seen first-hand how the above practices have led to business closures and unsatisfied customers. Choose the right solar installer today with Creative Energies! CE Solar has over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential solar installations. With unrivaled transparency and customer service, you’ll be satisfied with your solar system the first time.

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