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Debunking 5 Common Solar Energy Misconceptions

Some homeowners and business owners don’t consider solar panel installations because of the many myths that persist. When deciding if solar panels are right for your property, knowing fact from fiction is key. We want to help you learn more by debunking five common solar energy misconceptions. Use our detailed list to learn the truth about how solar can help your home or business function in an eco-friendly way.

Solar Energy Is Only for Commercial Applications

A common myth we must debunk is that solar is just for businesses. Commercial buildings can use solar energy to run, and they do so effectively. However, homeowners can install solar panels to enjoy green energy every day. If you’re interested in installing solar panels on your personal property, reach out to a professional to help you get it done.

Solar Panels Only Work on Sunny Days

This is a very understandable misunderstanding. After all, solar panels use the sun to power our homes and businesses. However, this doesn’t mean solar panels are useless at night or during cloudy evenings. Though you may experience a less efficient system, your home won’t be powerless. If the sky is cloudy or dark, you’ll still be able to use your lights, TV, and other appliances without worry.

Cold Weather Makes Solar Useless

It’s a common misunderstanding to think that the sun’s heat on warm days is what powers solar panels. However, in cold climates and seasons, solar panels will still generate power for your commercial or residential property. If you’d like to take extra steps to boost solar efficiency, consider off-grid solar. For example, at Creative Energies, we install off-grid solar power

Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

Many people look at solar panel costs and immediately turn away, so a common misconception is that this process is extremely costly. Everyone’s budget and financial status differ, so the installation may appear expensive if you can’t afford it. However, when accounting for the long-term energy savings, solar panels can be cost-effective energy solutions. That upfront cost may appear intimidating, but a well-installed system will pay for itself over time. Plus, you can get tax credits to offset some of the upfront costs.

Panels Require Extensive Maintenance

Debunking common solar energy misconceptions also requires assessing the maintenance. After all, some home and business owners assume they must constantly care for the panels post-installation. Luckily, solar panels typically don’t require much maintenance. Plus, it’s common for the solar installation team to offer maintenance services to make the process easier for homeowners and businesses. For example, our team at Creative Energies performs installations, repairs, and upkeep, so the panel owners aren’t left to fend for themselves.

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